Franklin Armory BFSIII AR-C1 Trigger


Manufacturer: Franklin Armory
Fabric/Material: Metal
Trigger Pull Weight: 4.5 lb
Trigger Pin Size: 0.154 in
Gun Make: AR Platform
Condition: New

The Ultimate Guide to AR-15 Triggers: Enhancing Your Rifle’s Performance

The AR-15 rifle, a staple in the world of firearms due to its versatility and adaptability, can be significantly enhanced by upgrading one crucial component: the AR trigger. This modification not only improves the rifle’s performance but also enhances the shooter’s accuracy and comfort. This guide will delve into the various types of AR triggers, their features, and the considerations you should take into account when choosing the right trigger for your AR-15.

Types of AR Triggers

The AR-15 platform supports several types of triggers, each designed for specific shooting needs. Understanding these variations is key to optimizing your rifle for your intended use.

Standard Triggers

Standard triggers are typically what you find in most out-of-the-box AR-15s. They are functional but often lack the smoothness and quick response of more specialized triggers.

Single-Stage Triggers

Single-stage triggers are favored for their straightforward operation. When you pull a single-stage trigger, it releases the hammer and fires the rifle without any intermediate resistance. This type of trigger is ideal for situations that require a quick response, such as tactical environments or home defense.

Two-Stage Triggers

Two-stage triggers offer a “staged” approach. The first stage involves a light pull that moves the trigger partially back — priming it for the final stage. The second stage is where the actual firing occurs. This type of trigger is excellent for precision shooting, as it allows the shooter to steady their aim during the first stage and fire with greater accuracy during the second.

Binary Triggers

Binary triggers are a unique type that fires one round when the trigger is pulled and another round when it is released. While not legal in all jurisdictions, they can effectively double the firing rate of an AR-15. Learn more about binary triggers and their applications.

Drop-In Triggers

Drop-in triggers are pre-assembled units that can be installed without disassembling the existing trigger components. They are incredibly popular due to their ease of installation and the immediate upgrade they provide in terms of smoothness and pull quality. Explore various drop-in trigger options here.

Features of High-Quality AR Triggers

When upgrading your AR-15 trigger, certain features signify quality and can contribute to a better shooting experience.

  • Trigger Pull Weight: This is the amount of force needed to pull the trigger. A lighter pull weight can improve accuracy and reduce fatigue during extended shooting sessions.
  • Crispness and Reset: A quality trigger should have a crisp break and a rapid reset. This enhances the shooter’s ability to make follow-up shots quickly and accurately.
  • Construction Materials: High-quality triggers are typically made from durable materials such as hardened steel or lightweight aluminum, which ensure longevity and consistent performance.

Installation and Maintenance of AR Triggers

Installing an AR trigger can be a straightforward process, especially with drop-in triggers. Here’s a basic guide:

  1. Ensure the firearm is unloaded.
  2. Remove the existing trigger assembly using appropriate tools.
  3. Install the new trigger, following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  4. Test the trigger to ensure it is functioning correctly in a safe environment.

Maintaining your AR trigger involves regular cleaning and occasional lubrication to keep the components moving smoothly. Check out detailed maintenance tips and common troubleshooting solutions.

Choosing the Right AR Trigger

Selecting the right AR trigger depends on your specific needs:

  • Tactical Use: Look for a robust trigger with a quick response and reliable performance under stress.
  • Hunting: Choose a trigger with a light pull weight to help with long-range precision.
  • Competitive Shooting: Consider a trigger with a very light and crisp break to aid in fast, accurate shooting.

Before modifying your AR-15 with a new trigger, it’s crucial to understand the legal implications. Some states have specific regulations regarding certain types of triggers, especially binary triggers. Always ensure compliance with local laws to avoid legal issues.


Upgrading the trigger on your AR-15 can transform your shooting experience, providing enhanced accuracy, faster response times, and greater comfort during use. Whether you opt for a single-stage, two-stage, or binary trigger, choosing a high-quality product that fits your shooting style and adheres to legal standards is crucial. Explore your options, invest wisely, and enjoy the marked improvement in your AR-15’s performance.


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