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Rare Breed Trigger Specifications

  • 1/4″ Wide Hammer, Trigger, and Locking Bar
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum Housing
  • Precision Wire EDM Cut!
  • Black Nitrite QPQ Finish
  • Includes Anti Walk Pins
  • 5lb Trigger Pull
  • US Pat. 10514223
  • *Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Required.
  • *Heavy Buffer (H2, H3 or T3 BUFFER) Recommended.
  • *We strongly recommend a qualified gunsmith install this trigger.
  • *In the majority of setups, the FRT-15 is plug-n-play with a heavy buffer. Tuning may be required.

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Unlocking the Potential: The Comprehensive Guide to FRT Triggers

The FRT Trigger, or Forced Reset Trigger, has revolutionized the way shooters interact with their firearms by offering enhanced firing capabilities. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the design, functionality, legality, and user experiences associated with the FRT Trigger, providing shooters and enthusiasts with all the information needed to understand and optimize their use of this innovative technology.


The FRT Trigger, known fully as the Forced Reset Trigger, represents a significant advancement in firearm technology, particularly for semi-automatic rifles. Designed to increase the rate of fire while maintaining control and accuracy, the FRT Trigger has become a topic of discussion among gun enthusiasts, law enforcement, and regulatory bodies.

Design and Functionality

The Mechanics Behind FRT Triggers

The FRT Trigger operates on a simple yet ingenious mechanism that automatically forces the trigger to reset after each shot. This design allows for rapid firing that approaches the speed of fully automatic firing, yet it remains within the legal definition of a semi-automatic, according to current ATF regulations. Here’s a closer look at how it works:

  1. Trigger Pull: The shooter pulls the trigger, which fires a shot.
  2. Automatic Reset: Instead of requiring the shooter to release the trigger fully for the next pull, the FRT’s internal mechanism uses the force of the bolt returning to its position to reset the trigger to its original position almost instantly.
  3. Ready to Fire: With the trigger reset automatically, the shooter can fire the next shot more quickly, significantly increasing the rate of fire.

FRT Trigger

Key Design Features

  • Spring Mechanism: Central to the FRT Trigger’s functionality, this component ensures rapid reset capabilities.
  • Material Quality: Typically crafted from high-grade steel, FRT Triggers are designed for durability and reliability.

Types and Variants of FRT Triggers

Several variants of the FRT_Trigger cater to different firearms and user preferences. Notable among these are the Rarebreed FRT-15 Trigger and the AK FRT Trigger, each designed for specific firearm models. The FRT-15 is particularly popular among AR-15 users for its reliability and performance enhancements.

Advantages of Using an FRT Trigger

Enhanced Shooting Experience

  • Increased Rate of Fire: By minimizing the delay between shots, FRT Triggers allow for a firing rate that closely mimics that of fully automatic weapons.
  • Improved Accuracy: The reduced need for trigger pull adjustments means shooters can maintain their focus and stability, enhancing accuracy.

Tactical Efficiency

In tactical situations, the ability to fire rapidly can be crucial. Law enforcement and defense users find the FRT_Trigger invaluable for maintaining high rates of fire without sacrificing the legal and safety parameters of semi-automatic fire.

The legality of FRT Triggers is a complex subject, influenced by ongoing legal challenges and varying state laws. As of the latest updates, the ATF has scrutinized FRT Triggers to determine their alignment with federal laws concerning automatic weapons. It is essential for potential users to stay informed about the current legal landscape and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing an FRT Trigger

Installing an FRT Trigger involves replacing the existing trigger assembly of your firearm—a process that can generally be completed in a few simple steps, though it varies by firearm model. Here’s a basic overview:

  1. Remove the Existing Trigger: Ensure the firearm is unloaded, then disassemble it to access and remove the current trigger assembly.
  2. Install the FRT Trigger: Place the FRT_Trigger in the designated slot and secure it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Reassemble the Firearm: Once the FRT Trigger is in place, reassemble your firearm and perform safety checks.

FRT Trigger

Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity and performance of your FRT_Trigger. This includes routine cleaning and occasional lubrication, especially after extensive use.

User Experiences and Reviews

Feedback from users often highlights the transformative impact of FRT Triggers on shooting practices. Many report significantly improved firing rates and overall satisfaction with the performance enhancements. However, some users advise caution regarding the legal implications and recommend thorough research and compliance checks.


  1. What is an FRT Trigger?
    • An FRT Trigger is designed to increase the rate of fire by automatically resetting the trigger after each shot.
  2. How does an FRT Trigger work?
    • It uses a spring mechanism to reset the trigger automatically, allowing for rapid successive shots.
  3. Is a Binary Trigger an FRT?
    • No, while both allow for rapid firing, a binary trigger operates differently by firing on both the pull and release, whereas an FRT only on the pull.
  4. Are FRT Triggers legal to own?
    • Legality varies by state and is subject to ongoing legal debates. Always check current laws and regulations.
  5. How do I install an FRT Trigger on my firearm?
    • Installation involves replacing the existing trigger assembly with the FRT unit, a process that can usually be done with basic gunsmithing tools.


The FRT Trigger offers significant advantages for those looking to enhance their shooting capabilities legally and effectively. However, the complex legal environment surrounding these devices necessitates careful consideration and compliance with all applicable laws. As discussions and regulations evolve, staying informed and cautious is imperative for all potential and current users.

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For those interested in exploring the capabilities of FRT Triggers further, visiting dedicated resources like Rare Breed Triggers and keeping abreast of the latest news from AP News will provide valuable insights and updates. Always ensure to engage with legal resources and understand the implications of using such advanced firearm technology.


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