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The WOT Trigger: Revolutionizing the AR-15 Shooting Experience

The AR-15 is one of the most popular rifles in the United States, prized for its versatility and customization potential. Among the myriad of enhancements available, the WOT (Wide Open Trigger) stands out as a game-changer. This blog post delves deep into the world of WOT triggers, exploring their design, benefits, installation, legal considerations, and much more.

Introduction to the WOT Trigger

The WOT Trigger, or Wide Open Trigger, is designed specifically for the AR-15 rifle or pistol. It has captivated the attention of firearm enthusiasts due to its ability to significantly enhance the firing capabilities of the firearm legally. This trigger system not only improves the shooting experience but also maintains compliance with current firearms regulations.

WOT Triggers are engineered to offer a fully automatic-like performance in a legal format, making them a highly sought-after upgrade for shooting aficionados. The intrinsic appeal of the WOT Trigger lies in its superior functionality and reliability, which we will explore in the following sections.

Design and Innovative Features

Engineering Excellence

The WOT Trigger  meticulously designed with precision engineering. It is constructed using world-renowned HardoxTM steel, known for its durability and resistance to abrasion. This choice of material ensures that the trigger can withstand extreme conditions and frequent use without degrading in quality.

Unique Features

What sets the WOT Trigger apart from other AR-15 triggers are its innovative features:

  • Patent-Pending Spring Locking Bar: Enhances the reliability of the trigger mechanism.
  • Easy Installation: Its plug n’ play design allows for quick and easy installation, making it accessible even to novices.
  • Abrasion-Resistant Metal: Ensures that the trigger mechanism remains robust even with heavy use.

These features collectively make the WOT Trigger a superior choice for AR-15 owners looking to upgrade their shooting apparatus.

Advantages of Using the WOT Trigger

Enhanced Shooting Performance

The WOT Trigger significantly improves the shooting performance by offering:

  • Increased Firing Rate: Allows for rapid firing, which is crucial in competitive and tactical scenarios.
  • Improved Trigger Reset: Reduces the time between shots, enabling quicker follow-up shots.

Benefits Across Various Shooting Environments

Whether it’s for competitive shooting, tactical applications, or recreational use, the WOT Trigger enhances the overall experience by providing:

  • Reliability: Performs consistently across different environments.
  • Durability: Withstands physical shocks and environmental elements.

Installation and Compatibility

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Installing the W.O.T Trigger is straightforward:

  1. Ensure the firearm is unloaded and safe.
  2. Remove the existing trigger assembly.
  3. Insert the WOT Trigger following the plug n’ play instructions.
  4. Test the functionality in a safe environment.

For a more detailed guide, visit Rare Breed Trigger Co..

Compatibility with Firearms

The W.O.T Trigger is designed as a true drop-in replacement for the AR-15, making it compatible with most AR-15 rifles and pistols. This wide compatibility feature ensures that most AR-15 owners can upgrade without concerns about fit or function.

It is crucial for potential W.O.T Trigger users to understand the legal implications of modifying their firearms:

  • Federal and State Laws: Always check local laws as they can vary significantly.
  • ATF Regulations: Ensure that the installation of a WOT Trigger complies with all ATF guidelines to avoid legal complications.

For more information on ATF regulations, visit Bear Arms Outfitters.

User Reviews and Expert Feedback

Real User Experiences

Users of the W.O.T Trigger have reported enhanced performance and reliability. Many appreciate the improved firing rate and the robustness of the trigger during extensive use.

Balanced Feedback

While most feedback is positive, some users note the need for initial adjustment to get accustomed to the rapid firing capability. It’s advisable for new users to spend time practicing to fully adapt to the enhanced functionality.

Pricing, Availability, and Cost-Effectiveness

Where to Buy

The WOT Trigger is available for purchase at:

Investment Analysis

Though the initial cost might be higher than standard triggers, the long-term benefits such as improved durability, reliability, and performance make the WOT Trigger a cost-effective solution for serious shooters.


The WOT Trigger significantly enhances the AR-15 shooting experience by providing a robust, reliable, and easy-to-install solution that meets legal standards. Whether for competitive shooting, tactical applications, or recreational use, the WAT Trigger stands out as a top-tier enhancement for any AR-15 rifle or pistol. With its unique blend of advanced engineering and user-focused design, it is a worthy investment for any firearm enthusiast looking to elevate their shooting capabilities.


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